2017 Les Paul Tribute Gold Top + Upgrades

Discussion in 'Les Paul Discussion Page' started by GibSG, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. GibSG

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    - Buffing finish
    - Blank '59 truss rod cover
    - Black plastics and 5 ply pickguard
    - Historic switch tip and black plate
    - Nickel metal jack plate
    - Gold knobs
    - Gibson ABR-1 bridge
    - Hand made body binding

    This Gibson is incredible for 8OO €uros, :cool:

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  2. SAguitar

    SAguitar Active Member

    That does look very inspiring!
  3. Infant

    Infant Active Member

    Very, very nice!
  4. GibSG

    GibSG Member

    Thank you guys, this Tribute is a very good instrument, incredible price / quality ratio !

    A pure Gibson
  5. Gorgeous... very Bonamassa ;)

    One thing, beauty's in the ears of the beerholder and all that, and you not being shy about modding, BEFORE you dismiss those pickups, try adjusting them. If you're happy with how they sound, cool, but they 'look' like they're adjusted too close to the strings*.
    It's not a criticism, just an observation. A LOT of people would say, 'it sounds crap', blow a wedge swapping the pickups, when all they really needed to do was adjust 'em. I'd also measure the pot values - with a meter - before condemning the p/ups.
    Just 'food for thought' if you're pondering 'improving' the tone...
    *That said, a second look... it could be the p/up rings are thinner than I'm used to?

    Again, that's a stunner.
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